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Tue 24th

The MotherTucker Mangler

Our drag bitches gear you up as we kick off our Halloween Monster Marathon!

Wed 25th

The Polo Bitch Trials – OPEN UNTIL 4AM!

Lollipop Wednesdays go all creepy as we set some terrifying trials in the club. Prizes for best dressed too!

Thurs 26th

Polo Goes Into The Mist

Join Dj Queenie as he gives you the shivers with the best pop, chart and cheese with some Halloween classics thrown in for good measure!

Fri 27th

The Queer Mile

Darren Pop pops the chunky beats in the club, DjDY in Club X with RnB and Dj Niall in the lounge with classic chart and monster Halloween queer hits

Sat 28th

The Pumped Cemetery

Pump up a scary sweat until 4am! Prizes for the best dressed – go all out and you could win a devilishly £300 Luke and Jack voucher!

Sun 29th

Bender … Sometimes they come on your back!

Join Dj Andy in the club if you’re thirsty for more blood curling action!

Mon 30th

The Backdoor Redemption

Dj Laurie in dark dungeon of Club X – where things do go bump in the night!

Tue 31st

This is IT! – The BIG ONE – OPEN UNTIL 4AM!

MotherTucker do scary clowns and give you the heebie-jeebies
Dj Pennywise Young in the main club, the dark DJ Lexy in the haunted X and Queer Queenie in the lounge. Prizes for best dressed in the club with another chance to win a £300 voucher for Luke and Jack.