The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and customers within our venues is our number one priority and everyone should always feel safe.

Scotsman Hospitality has a comprehensive Duty of Care policy, which the staff and stewards have all read and signed and this policy explains the appropriate procedures that are expected, particularly with vulnerable persons both within the venue and when leaving it.

When a vulnerable person is identified, then the staff and stewards (if employed) will ensure that the person is looked after and all steps are made to reunite them with friends, offer them a glass of water, phone a member of family at home to come and collect them or, if none of that is an option, then contact the police or ambulance or another recognised organisation who has authority to look after them.

Other measures, such as CCTV, SIA stewards, routine toilet checks and providing toilet attendants, all help to make our venues as safe as possible, but there are occasions where customers may still be vulnerable, unable to look after themselves or be reunited with friends or family.

With that in mind, each venue may also consider refusing entry to lone persons attending their venue, as, through previous experience, if persons are on their own, then the staff and stewards may not be as confident of reuniting them with their friends and family or looking after them properly, should an incident or accident occur.

As previously stated, the health, safety and wellbeing of all persons who enter our venues is, our number one priority and for these reasons alone, consideration may be given to refusing entry to lone persons.